What Is your Design Style?

What Is My Design Style

Having trouble decorating or finding the right pieces? Maybe you’re not sure what your style is. Do not fret! We’re here to help. Take our quick quiz to learn which decorating style is right for you.
  1. Where would you most like to live?

  2. In the heart of a bustling city?
    In the burbs?
    In the middle of nowhere?
    in the country with a porch?
    In an up and coming section of the city?
    I prefer to jump from place to place.

  3. What is your favorite drink?

  4. A martini extra dry.
    Whatever fun cocktail is on special tonight
    A nice crisp glass of white wine
    Iced tea please

  5. What is most like the last piece of furniture you acquired?

  6. A dresser from a flea market that I painted a bright color
    I just bought my last piece from a showroom
    I searched through antiques stores and found this
    I inherited this piece from my aunt
    I found it on the side of the road and refurbished it
    It is wicker or rattan

  7. What is your favorite color to decorate with?

  8. White is a color right?
    Anything bright that pops
    If i see it and i like it, I use it
    Blues, teals and aquas
    Woods and natural textures
    Black and steel

  9. What kind of flowers do you prefer?

  10. Red Roses
    Birds of Paradise
    Branches and twigs in an arrangement
    I get fresh bouquets every few days
    Palm Fronds

  11. What is your favorite restaurant?

  12. Any place new that everyone is talking about
    Anything raw
    The same white-tablecloth restaurant I’ve eaten at for years
    Fish Tacos
    A little Italian place I know

  13. What would you prefer to hang on your living room walls?

  14. A simple, medium-size abstract painting in a classy frame
    I prefer natural things, like found branches and driftwood
    A moody still life of fruit is all I need
    I found an amazing old barn door that hangs sideways
    That famous foxhunt painting would look tasteful
    Something bright that takes up the entire wall

Please allow pop-ups as your results will open in a separate window. Please compare your scores to the below chart.

70 You enjoy Contemporary design
60+You prefer Transitional with some contemporary flair
50+ You prefer a more Rustic Chic look
45+ You may enjoy a more laid back and natural environment with some home made DIY elements.
40+You might prefer a Beachy Coastal Vibe with hues of blue and natural elements.

Contemporary Examples